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Our roots run deep in the construction industry. When Seal the Deal, our sister company and namesake, started in 2004, we were a sales training and consulting firm. That first company started where any good company should start: sales, sales, sales! Then many of our clients needed marketing services. They needed marketing “Too”! Now through the years, Seal the Deal ‘Too’ has expanded with new clients and capabilities. While we don’t want to forget our roots, we do want to better express our services and company. We are Creative. We are Too Creative.

Design with Purpose

We create new brands and refresh old brands for a two-fold purpose: increase sales and enrich marketing. Our belief is that you cannot have one without the other. A good sales effort is only made great with a strong marketing strategy and professional, cohesive marketing materials.

The Secret Sauce

We are good at what we do. We understand the sales process and the right sales materials you need to increase business. We know how to do it for a fraction of what a large marketing agency would charge. We are not a typical marketing agency. Many of our clients have never had a marketing budget or even a marketing staff member. We step in and fill that need with a truly customized approach to meet and exceed their growth goals.

Create.     Attract.     Succeed.


Who We Are

At Too Creative we know that marketing is a big investment and you have limited time for it all. You need someone who understands your industry, leads you in the right direction and gives you a quality deliverable at a fair price.

  • We promise to be honest, transparent and straight-forward with you – Communication is KEY.
  • We promise to consider your position in the industry and not upsell or push an unnecessary product on you.
  • We strive to demystify the marketing bells and whistles and give you a simplified solution that works.
  • We will be up front on costs, give you realistic budget numbers and scope ahead of time and strive to stay within your budget for the benefit of a longterm relationship.
  • We believe in doing what’s fair for you and what’s fair for us, to have a lasting productive business relationship.

Who We Aren’t


If your project, your company, or your undying devotion to the Cleveland Browns means we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll be upfront about it. This is a journey and a long term relationship, and all of us need to be happy in it.


If the job isn’t something we excel at, we aren’t going to try to fake our way through it. We don’t take on projects that we can’t execute to our standards. That means sometimes we say “no.” We know a whole lot, but we also know what we don’t know. (But we DO know lots of people that are great at things we don’t do and we’ll happily refer you!)


Marketers get a bad rap for this. We strive to never leave a customer hanging or expecting something we cannot deliver. We set realistic expectations and give honest feedback on results. Not everything works like we expect it to. Marketing is a journey. And it’s a two-way street. We promise to use our years of experience in this industry to save you a few missteps, elevate your brand and take you to the next level. If that’s not happening, we are not doing our jobs!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Woodcock is president and creative director of Too Creative. She and her team of creative design and messaging professionals are based in St. Louis, Missouri and have been providing marketing services to the building community (and a few others not contractor related) since 2012.

Stephanie’s husband is well known as a sales trainer in the contractor industry, and over and over he found they lacked the time, manpower, or know-how to successfully build their brand image. Stephanie’s background in marketing stepped in to assist, and 10 years later she’s created a name for herself in marketing within the A/E/C industry.

She lives in St. Louis with her husband, two sons, and large extended family (but not in the same house) – all of whom keep her very busy. She stands firmly on the principle that there is already enough to take care of, and she will not be getting a dog anytime soon.

Brand Development Committee Chair
Column Contributor
Proud St. Louis Children’s Hospital Committee Member

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